Wednesday, November 11, 2009



Compared with his group, Peter Pan, Ariel the vocalist may be practically more popular and become an idol, especially among women. In addition if the vocals had a unique and skilled to make the song, he also had a look that makes the hearts of the girls dag-dig-dug. Coupled with kindness and sympathetic attitude he showed to everyone.

Along with the growing popularity soared, he did not escape the gossip. He had felt annoyed with the rumors say, he impregnated a girl named Andhara Early and Luna Maya.

In the face of the fans, Ariel more patient. "could I do? it must be patient with the fans. Seeing them I think with a good deed," he explained.

Ariel also sometimes feel bored so himself. Saturated and saturated with musical status. Sometimes a short break so pengen 'Ariel'. "If it were so, I'm usually quiet for a moment or play playstation. Or if not, get together with my friends from high school. We gathered with them, I feel like not many people version of Ariel, like now," he added.

The Cooperation of Ariel Peterpan and Yamaha Music
As a leading manufacturer of musical instruments in the world, Yamaha Music continues to breakthroughs to strengthen the market. One of them by providing support to Ariel Peterpan. As one of the top bands frontman homeland Ariel's presence is expected to strengthen the brand Yamaha.

According to Ariel himself when found at the Yamaha Music Center Building Jakarta, Monday (27 / 4), cooperation is based on mutual agreement between him and Yamaha.

"Because of this cooperation is personal rather than a band. Peterpan If personnel have their own endorsment. All tailored to the needs, not be imposed in a single group to use one particular brand," he explained.

Ariel 2-year contract without specifying its value. During these two years, Ariel required to perform duties such as attending the coaching clinic Yamaha and the like.

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