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Gigi Band official group was formed on March 22, 1994. The profil,biografi,foto,and video mp3 konser of Gigi band was outspread in internet.Initially, this group as consisting of Armand Maulana (vocal), Thomas ramdhan (bass), Dewa Budjana (guitar), Ronald Fristianto (drummer), and Baron Arafat (guitarist).

foto video profil gigi band
The name "Gigi" after its own laugh personilnya wide on the name "Orang Utan" that nearly made the name of this band. With background music of different backgrounds, they combine them into a music that became characteristic of Gigi. Album of the theme "Angan" thrown to the market with the support of the Union Artist / Musica. At that time, Gigi has not established a management artists to manage their activities so that to promote the first album, they released a single as well as two video clips, which is "Kuingin and Angan." But the two songs are not a lot of push up sales numbers. Lack of promotion and lack of management into the management of the main causes of the failure of the first album the music this group. Eventually they formed Gigi Management so that they become more professional. Second album "The World" be regarded a success in the market. Relying on the excellent first track "Promise", which sold around 400,000 copymusisi canal, the local and the world, The Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big), which accounts for a tremendous game basnya on their song (Cry Baby), and Indra Lesmana also contribute in song "Tractor". Songs are "Kurindukan" appeared to get less response from the community. Tertolong this situation with the 100 city tour showing the duet Indra Lesmana and Gilang Ramadan as opened. and achieve the award for "Best Music Group." At this time management Gigi cracks occur with the Baron. Video clips are the two songs "Nirwana" is made without the Baron. In September 1995, Baron officially out of Gigi Group Band. Then followed discharge Ronald Thomas and the months of November 1996. Finally, Group Band only two teeth but still try to survive and recruit Opet Alatas (bassis) and Budhy Haryono (drumer). Formation of this new color on the new Gigi. In 1997 they issued a fourth album on the 2x2. Meanwhile, Thomas is a new exit from rehabilitation back to Jakarta to start to play music more. Thomas even make a surprise when a star guest at the concert GIGI "One Hour With Gigi" Gigi and concerts in Bandung. At the concert he was playing in the song "Janji" and "Angan". In concert, they Nostalgia with Thomas. The more special, they play a song sung the rather rare, that is desire. On March 22, 1999 Thomas finally enter (again) to the Gigi Group music. Not long after that Gigi's sixth album released on the "Baik" in April 1999. Are the first song is "Hinakah"

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