Monday, June 8, 2009


Netral is a band that was formed on November 18, 1992. Where is the press by Indonesia at the time said as Alternative Band. This is the biografi and profil also foto of netral band konser.Apart from the press conference given Indonesia is correct or not.A clear band that was formed from the companionship in SMA Negeri 55 Jakarta 60 and only play this music is truly pure of heart Nurani their own. In accordance with the definition of Music that we know. July 1998, Bimo out. Eno replace Bimo. December 1999, Miten farewell to departing to the United States to continue school.New in 2003 they met Coki.
Netral's Personnel:
  • "Bagus" Dhanar Dhana (bass and vocal)
  • "Eno" Gitara Ryanto (drum)
  • Christoper Bollemeyer"Coki" (guitar)
Concert in the Stadium Club Mild Tumenggung Abdul Jamal, Batam on Friday night less plateau spectators. This is the visible mass is present, only concentrated around the front of the stage, the concert only. In other corners even seem quiet, only a few cigarettes and drink vendors and security officers from Police station Barelang and several medical teams from the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Branch Batam.

Andri, one of the spectators who have arrived start at 19:00 also have the same opinion. "I have known event of a banner-banner, But many colleagues that I know there are events here, the less information, "said the man lived in this Tiban about the spectators.

The event also had lated 30 minutes of schedule has been set, namely at 20:00 WIB right. Audiences still look relaxed sit-sit in the middle of the concert area, although the event has started with a fashion show with DJ's all yellow.So look Givo Dancer, the audience go from a place of repose SIT the asphalt.

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