Friday, May 29, 2009


Slank is one of legendary music group in Indonesia.It is was born December,1983.The first formation of Slank are Bimo Setiawan (drum), Boy (guitar), Kiki (guitar), Abi (bass), Uti (vokal) and Well Welly (vokal).They are students of Perguruan Cikini Senior High School. The last formation of Slank until now are Bimbim (drum), Kaka (vokal), Ivanka (bass), Ridho (guitar) dan Abdee (guitar).Slank has fanatic fans is called Slankers.

In addition to one commander in documentary the Generasi Biru directing musical Garin Nugroho of production, Slank also released an album with a healthy way the same device. Yes, original healthy way of Slank Generasi Biru , the title of album.

Contains 15 songs which dominated blows of fenomenal of band the old men in Indonesia, there are two new songs entitled dance of Slank and monogamy . By the second song, Slank aransemen bring fresher. Danse of Slank of the narrative contour of film also shows this Nadine Chandrawinata, made with one more aransemen nge-a beaten. Medium monogamy more present with the slow beat, the strong texts and to say history about fidelity and of the love, but far from the wet impression.

the tembang 13 other has �champion � the old personnel of band by Kaka (vocal), Abdee (guitar), Ridho (guitar), Ivan (low) and Bimbim (drums), like chattering Jalanan (paddle PLUR), Generasi Biru (paddle Generasi Biru), Pulau Biru (Kampungan paddle), and Koepoe Liarkoe (paddle Lagi Sedih).

Interesting, it two-track enters there the blows a long time before shown the version of phase, namely "Indonesiakan Una" (paddle PLUR), and Mars Slankers (road of paddle to peace) directly recorded event of day of Slankers regulated July 2008. Moreover, there also are re-recorded the song in dense Slank its programme of excursion in India and the United States in October at December 2008, the valiant title is taken piss of paddle.

The healthy way of Slank blue generation original distributed to start in February 2009 in the form of numerical (RBT), cassette and CD, two days before film functioning in the cinemas in all the country. Wait even less, buy the album and then observe film. Progressive of Slank!

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